About the Wretched Facts

The Wretched Facts is a blog dedicated to the unlimited examination of all reality.  I, Zeno Izen, editor and probably the only writer here, don’t claim any particular access to the truth, except for a better-than-average knack for epistemology, logic, long-term thinking, historical context, innovative perspective and courage in the face of difficult information.

While I advise all citizens to think for themselves, I realize that the majority of us have lives to lead, jobs to work, children to raise, lifestyles to maintain and so on.  If you don’t have time to think for yourself, feel free to outsource that task to me.  Rest assured that my only interest is the continued prosperity of all humankind.

Themes and premises of this blog will evolve over time.  Current events will prompt many posts, but not all.  Politics and philosophy may dominate for a time, while satire and prosaic concerns may be prominent for another.   There is no limit to this examination; I follow my nose.  Truth is not only elusive, it is complex and ever-changing.  There is no way to discover it except by constantly groping all faces of its mutating surface.

But, toward some sort of self-definition: I am a science-fiction fan, market anarchist, radical individualist, Lovecraftian atheist, post-psychedelic cosmologist, and generally strive to always be a free thinker.  As a check to the flights of fancy my personality tends to love, I have made an extensive study of critical thinking.  I believe in Occam’s Razor, am familiar with fallacies of informal logic, am aware of the various biases of the human mind.  I know what pareidolia means.  I know what a double-blind study is.  In other words, I temper my speculative personality with cold skepticism.

Imaginative realism. You won’t get that anywhere else.  So, be sure to subscribe and keep astride the advancing perimeter of radical understanding.

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