Hi, remember me?

Hi- it’s been a long time.  Maybe you forgot about me.


Well, I’m still alive.  Been working hard at a thousand projects, including putting money in the bank.  Blogging’s been way down on my priority list, though I’ve been anxious to get back to it because I feel it’s important to inject my personal point of view into the world conversation.  After all, I see the future and I’m generally right about everything.  It would be a terrible and shameful thing for me to deprive you all the benefit of my better understanding.

But you know, it’s hard.  I’m just so busy all the time.  So, I’ve initiated a Tumblr blog, where I can just highlight and right-click.  Boom–post posted.  You can see the RSS stream in the right column over there.

It’s called Dystopic Drift because lately I’ve been kind of fixated on our general slow sinking into a global totalitarian daydream.  It’s currently all robots, police cameras, bankers gone wild and so on.  But, I’ll get over that soon enough and start posting about other things.  You’ll love it.

Some posts will come up with comments from myself, others will just be a snippit or a photo and a click-through link.  That all depends on how much time and energy I have.  Astute readers will see my meaning in the pattern of the posts, even when there is no comment.

In time I will post something more in-depth at this wordpress url.  For best results, I recommend you drop both http://dystopicdrift.tumblr.com/rss and https://zenoizen.wordpress.com/feed/ in your newsreader.