Make me look pretty or I’ll call you a sexist

Oh boy, here we go.  This recent Newsweek cover showing Michele Bachmann in arguably unflattering way (come on, her eyes are actually a little weird, right?) has been deemed sexist, and not by only the National Organization For Women but also one apparently up-and-coming conservative pundit.

So terribly terribly sexist.
This is what sexism looks like.

Not content that the cover might be a sign of anti-conservative media bias, Tea Partier Dana Loesch has also pointed the finger of sexism.

The thing is, if this magazine cover is sexist, we may be in for an election cycle steeped dark with gender politics.  The sexist card is bound to be played as long as there is a woman running for president, but to have it played this early and this speciously is not a good start.

Of course, there is also the possibility that Ms. Loesch has an anti-feminist agenda and means to goad feminist organizations into taking the stupidest positions that they can.

The hopeful glimmer in this story is that the loudest sayers of the S word, Loesch and NOW are not particularly relevant entities.  And either is Newsweek for that matter.  This nontroversy will probably fizzle out and the gender discussion will continue to boil under the surface, for better or for worse.